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I would like to share with part of an article written by one of the lay faithful that helps move us forward with positivity:
“What can we do in the face of the current tide of scandal that is rocking the Church throughout the world? First, thank God that the truth is finally coming out. A wound that festers and is infected must be lanced. There can be no healing without sunlight, without the cleansing of the infection.
Secondly, pray and fast. There are clearly demons to be driven out, and these most likely will not go out without prayer and fasting (see Mt 17:21). Pray for the abusers and the victims, that God's will be done. Pray for healing and strength for those hurt. Pray especially for all those whose faith has been damaged or destroyed by the torrent of serious sins being unveiled. Offer up Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets, asking that God's will be done by the bishops and religious superiors, the media, and the civil authorities at this crucial hour, and that hearts be transformed so that truth and love win out. Ask Our Lady's intercession, especially under the titles "Mother of the Church" and "Mother of God of Priests" (see Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska, 1585). Ask for St. Joseph's intercession, especially under the titles "Universal Patron of the Church" and "Terror of Demons."
Let us pray for mercy for the Church in this hour, not forgetting, as the great biblical theologian Dr. Scott Hahn has taught repeatedly, that the mercy of God manifested in the Old Testament was again and again chastisement; that Divine Mercy means that sin is rebuked and has consequences. How great is the wrath of God when He allows a soul to walk swiftly down the smooth path to damnation without trial or tribulation to remind them that they are dust, and to dust they shall return! How great is the mercy of God when He sends prophets to His people to call us back again to the ways of the Lord! How great is the mercy of God when sin is punished and virtue rewarded in this life; when souls on the brink of hell encounter the Cross, and so are turned to repentance, and are saved! Let us beg mercy on the world and on the Church; let us offer reparation and atonement for our sins, and for those of the whole world. Let us continue in our devotion to the Divine Mercy, for nothing has changed except our awareness of the sins of others. Our prayers and our works have been responding to this crisis the whole time, whether we knew it or not, and perhaps this apokalypsis, this unveiling of the sins of the Church, is in some part an answer to our prayers.”
Please know of my prayers and commitment to serve you with sincere charity. I ask for your prayers and thank you for your support.
—Fr. Dallas



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